Some common questions we get asked about Murphy Beds:

What sizes are available?

Twin, Full, Queen, and standard King. We also offer extended length Twin & Full.

Do you have to remove the baseboard from my wall when you install a wallBed?

No, we measure the height of your base board and cut a notch out on the wallbed when we manufacture it.  

Does the Murphy bed need to be bolted to the wall?

Yes the Murphy bed must be securely fastened to the wall and into the studs.

There is an electrical outlet where I want to put a Murphy bed, will it be covered up?

No the back of the bed is open and you can use the plug. Our Closet Doctor wall beds come standard with a wire access hole and grommet built in so that you have access to the plugs in your Murphy wall bed.  

Do Closet Doctor Murphy Wallbeds lock in place?

A lock is not necessary on our Murphy bed. The geometry of the bed and the spring mechanism hold the bed in a naturally closed position and require an initial pull to open. For additional safety we place the handles at a height that is comfortable for adults.  

Can a Closet Doctor Murphy wall bed be moved?

Yes, our Murphy beds can be moved. The cabinets are designed to be easily assembled onsite and can be dis assembled and moved. We recommend that you contact the Closet Doctor and have us move your wall bed for you.  

Can I leave the bedding in place when the Murphy bed is closed?

Yes, the sheets, blankets and comforter or bedspread may be left in place while the Wallbed is closed. You just make sure that everything is tucked in between the frame and the mattress and close it up.  

Is a Murphy Wall Bed comfortable enough to sleep in on a daily basis?

Absolutely! Murphy Wallbeds aren't just for guestrooms. Since it uses a regular mattress, it is just as comfortable as a regular bed. Unlike a hide-a-bed or pull out couch, there is no cross bar in the middle of your back with a Murphy Wallbed.  We have several clients who are using it as an everyday sleeping solution for small rooms or studio apartments.  

Do I need a special mattress/ can I use my own mattress?

Closet Doctor Murphy beds can use any standard mattress that fit the following guidelines: mattress must be no more than 12" thick and have an inner frame for support. A pillow top works fine, a double pillow top requires an additional modification to work. We do not recommend an all foam type mattress similar to a Tempurpedic in a Wallbed. This type of mattress lacks a frame and does not like to be stored in the vertical position. Futon mattress will not work. If using your own mattress, it must be onsite at time of installation for proper adjustment of mechanism.  

Do you supply the mattress for your Murphy beds?

We can supply the mattress. We have 2 options, a comfy standard inner spring mattress and a deluxe pillow top. If you desire a specific mattress, we get ours from the Sleep Shop in Auburn, you may visit them and upgrade to the mattress of your choice.  

I have stairs with a sharp turn/ limited access to where I want to put a Wall Bed, will it fit?

Yes it will, unlike some of our competitors that sell a completely assembled Wallbed  cabinet that is twice the size of a refrigerator, the Closet Doctor Murphy Wall Bed is designed to be assembled and installed on site. The largest item that needs to fit is the mattress that will be used on the Wallbed.  

How many Murphy Beds have you installed in the Sacramento area?

Since 2005, The Closet Doctor has installed over 500 beds in Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville, Folsom, Granite Bay, Auburn and Elk Grove CA. We have also shipped several beds across the country.  

I have a hardwood floor, will the legs damage it?

Closet Doctor wall bed legs have a large rubber pad shoe and should not damage your floor under normal conditions.