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Murphy Bed Sale Benefiting Charity 2016

Here at The Closet Doctor, giving back to worthy causes is very important to us. So again this year, just in time for Christmas, we’re selling our showroom Murphy wall bed and again donating all proceeds from the sale to The Fisher House Foundation. Last year we sold one of our showroom display beds and…

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Gorgeous Rocklin Entryway Bench and Storage

Often we ignore our entryways, there are many other places in our home that we think about updating and making functional first, like the kitchen or the bathroom, but the entryway is just as important if not more since it is the first place that people will see as they enter your home. There are…

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How to Gain More Space in Your Rocklin Home with a Murphy Bed Design

Do you wish your house had more square footage? We don’t know many who don’t! Did you know that you can get more square footage without having to go to the hassle and huge cost of finding a new home, or doing additions to your existing home? There are actually many ways to increase the…

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The Cost of Clutter – Getting All Organized Rocklin

Is clutter costing you? We came across this great info graphic from anunclutteredlife.com, it had some fabulous info about how much your extra mess is costing you. Infographic Authored by Married With Luggage / An Uncluttered Life Don’t worry though! We have solutions for you! Save time digging through your garage with slatwall and custom garage…

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4 Reasons Your Closet Just Isn’t Working for You

Having a small closet does not have to doom you to a life of disorganization, here are 4 things to address in your closet to make sure that it is living up to its true potential. 1. Your closet needs a better organizer If you only have a single rod and shelf set up in your closet,…

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What Is the Return on Investment on Closet Organizers?

We often get the question from our clients and potential customers “how much value does this add to our home?” There are many different opinions out there, and it can be difficult to give an exact number since there are many variables that are unique to each situation, but the Qualified Remodeler magazine recently put out…

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Come Join Us at the GEMS 5K

This year we are proud sponsors of the GEMS 5K taking place April 22 and 23rd. The GEMS 5K is a wonderful yearly community event with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Glen Edwards Middle School. This time of year is perfect to get back into your fitness routine, and 5K is a great distance that anyone…

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6 Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Storing Your Seasonal Clothing

Spring has sprung and the change of seasons is a great opportunity to refresh and revitalize our closets. As you find yourself packing away winter clothing, here are a few tips to keep in mind Reduce Everything will go much faster if you have less clothing to actually store. Take this time that you are…

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Small Room with No Closet? No Problem!

It’s fairly common for homes to have atleast one room that feels almost unusable. So what do you do with a small room with no closet? It might feel hard to make into a functional bedroom, but It is doable. You really are limited if you would like a typical bed in the room, but…

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6 Ways to Organize Your Rocklin Closets Without Getting Overwhelmed

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by trying to clean out your Rocklin closets, but you don’t have to do it all at once, and you don’t have to get overwhelmed. Closet organization doesn’t have to be torture, it can be done step by step, day by day. Below are 6 methods you can use to work…

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