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Award-Winning Custom Lincoln Garage


This custom garage organization makeover actually is a Top Shelf Design award winner! Derrek Holland designed it and our Closet Doctor professional production and installation crew built and installed it.

This garage was designed to maximize storage and usability. Our customer in Lincoln, CA, selected our silver frost finish for their custom garage cabinets, with full length black aluminum pulls. We used our heavy duty aluminum edged shelves with all around supports. These shelves are awesome and can hold a lot and they’re also adjustable to change as our customer’s needs change.

Another feature is that we custom made each cabinet to fit the layout of their garage, on one wall we installed shorter cabinets to make space for the garage door tracks, but on the walls where there were no obstructions, we did full height cabinets. We also installed an area for their garage fridge, and a counter area with smaller cabinets below and above for more storage.

These cabinets are also wall mounted as is standard for all of our garage cabinets. This is a great feature for garages as this can really extend the life of your cabinets. It keeps them up off the ground which minimizes any issues with water or vermin.

We designed spaces that fit our customer’s specific needs, we did a garage cabinet just for the maids’ supplies with a spot designed to fit all the brooms and vacuum, and then shelves for other cleaning supplies.

We also designed a multi-purpose work surface with a Wilsonart countertop. Below that we installed file drawers for them to store important papers and files without having to give up space in their home. They also got a cabinet designed to hang out of season clothes. Another cabinet was installed to house extra pots and pans, with pull outs for easy access.

Then we installed a cabinet to house some utilities and keep them out of sight. Additional multi-purpose cabinets were installed for miscellaneous storage.5-custom-garage-cabinets-the-closet-doctor-lincoln-roseville-sacramento.jpg

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