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Mancave Garage Makeover in Rocklin, CA


This Rocklin California couple had lived in there home for over 30 years. Originally they had thought of moving to a newer house, but they decided that this house was their home and decided to do several renovations to help transform it into their dream home. The garage was one of the areas that just wasn’t up to their expectations, so they called us in to see what we could do.

Originally the garage was just a plain unfinished garage with some homemade cabinets for storage. The husband decided that he wanted this to be his space, his “man cave” with his beloved pool table as the centerpiece. So The Closet Doctor was called in to help make their garage dreams come true.

One of our areas of specialty is garage storage and organization, so we were right at home helping them find the best fit for their needs. First, all the old non-functional storage cabinets were removed, the walls were finished, and additional lighting and electrical work was done. A fresh coat of paint brightened things up and some nice carpet on the floor made the garage a more warm and inviting space, a nice extension of the house and a great place to entertain.

As great as their finished garage was, they still needed the storage space that their garage had provided previously, so as the icing on the cake, we worked with the homeowner to decide their exact needs and designed a garage storage solution that was custom built to their needs.

We utilized our most popular large 4’ x 8’ garage storage cabinets from our line of custom garage cabinets. The large cabinets were designed for their main storage needs and then we also incorporated some smaller lower cabinets and drawers for smaller items, and topped it off with nice laminate countertops that could be used as serving areas or workbenches depending on the customer’s needs as they changed.



When it came to the style of the cabinets, the homeowner wanted a nice but simple look, something nicer than basic white cabinet, but didn’t want to break the bank with custom doors and finishes. They decided on our Silver Frost melamine laminate, which is one of our standard color options for our garage cabinets. For a clean look and to also not to have anything sticking out from the cabinets to catch on clothes, the customer chose our flush full length handle for all the doors and drawers.

The results are a spectacular man cave garage that is a great extension of the home that these Rocklin homeowners will enjoy for years to come.

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