Murphy Bed

With the high price of homes in Sacramento today, The Closet Doctor has the perfect solution to create additional space in your guest bedroom!

Did you know that with the high cost of homes in the Sacramento area today, that the space your queen bed takes up cost over $10,000! All that for a room that is seldom used. Add on a room with out even doing a room addition. Turn it into a functional dual use space with a Closet Doctor Wall Bed system that will enable you to most efficiently use your space. Combine it with a Closet Doctor home office system and now your guest bedroom serves double duty as an office and a guest room. The Closet Doctor wallbed systems allow you to maintain all the comfort of a standard bed along with the elegant styling of custom furniture.

The Closet Doctor wall beds utilize any standard mattress up to 12" thick, allowing your guests a comfortable nights sleep. Our proven counterbalancing wall bed mechanism allows our wall bed to easily and safely open and close with the touch of a finger tip. When in the closed position, our Murphy Wall Beds only take up 16" of space and when combined with one of our home office systems allows multiple uses for that guest room.

Our home office systems are custom designed and built for your specific needs, allowing the maximum use of space and efficiency. Functional items like roll out keyboard trays, computer storage and built in file drawers, combined with stylish colors and finishes will give you a home office that is beautiful, organized and efficient.

Our design team can also assist you in creating a complete room environment with additional wardrobe space, bookcases or a home office to meet your specific needs.