Murphy bed:

  1. The configuration of the beds is available in different colors? Yes, we have 15 + melamine colors to choose from
  2. Do you have anything with a desk on it? Yes
  3. What type of mattress does this take? Standard mattress up to 12’’ depth, must have an internal frame. No futon or all foam mattresses
  4. Is there a weight limit? No we sold it to pretty big people before
  5. Can you keep the bed made? Yes
  6. Does the mattress come with the bed? We can include a mattress if needed or we can use your mattress
  7. Is there a back to the bed? No, it’s your wall
  8. Can I add side cabinets after the fact? Yes
  9. Can we take it if we move? Yes, the bed is designed to be assembled on site and can be disassembled and moved if needed. We recommend that you call us and have us do it for you.
  10. What colors do you have? 20+ color options.
  11. Can you add lights to the top of the bed? Yes, we normally don’t, we recommend the led reading lights. Puck lights are a little more complicated
  12. Does the bed have a locking mechanism? NO, the way the mechanism holds the bed in the closed position doesn’t require a lock and we place the handles up high enough that if you can reach them you are capable of operating the bed.
  13. What’s the difference between the real wood and melamine? Price, raw materials cost 2-3 times more than the melamine and we have additional finishing
  14. What sizes do they come in? Single ,Full ,Queen
  15. Is it a real Murphy bed? Yes
  16. Can we access outlets? Yes, the back of bed is open as well as grommets that allow easy access to outlets.
  17. Do you have to take out the base molding? No we do not have to remove the base molding. In the production process we enter in the size of your baseboard and a notch is cut into the back of the bed to fit over the baseboard.